3 Day Detox Plan

Are you feeling a little schlumpy from summer BBQs, sweet treats and perhaps some summer indulgences in alcohol? If yes- it’s 3 day detox time.

Today’s question comes from Joanne, and she asks:

Do you have any suggestions for a gentle cleanse / detox regime? Feeling the need to restart my system after all those beefy summer BBQs!

3 day detox plan

Check out the video below for all the details on how to start your own fall detox (I recommend doing it for 3 days, but even after 1 day of following this will feel rejuvenated!)

Click here for shopping list, recipe, schedule.

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Let me know if you are up for this detox by commenting below, or leaving a note on Facebook or Twitter!

See you in the kitchen (or perhaps relaxing on the couch- you are detoxing after all!),



  • Hi Krista,

    I have not been to any BBQ’a this year thank goodness. I hate to think of all those toxins on the food.

    Fall is a key time to detox your body to boost the immune system and strengthen your body in peparation for the winter whether you have overindulged and put on a few pounds or not.

    It’s already cooled down a lot here in the UK and cold food and juices just chill me to the bone. I prefer to detox with warm or hot food although I do have a green smoothie every morning come rain or shine.

    It’s difficult to get beef bones from grass fed cattle where I live but I do make bone broth when I can. It is so nutritious and is a good addition to a healthy diet.


  • Lorina

    Hi, are the beets raw or lightly steamed?

    • Hi Lorina,
      I peel the raw beet, grate it and eat it! More nutrients are in them this way 🙂

      Krista B

  • Diane

    How would you recomend breaking a cleanse like this?

    • In terms of coming off of it, since it is only a 3 days cleanse (that still includes solid/real food), there isnt a strict regimen that you should follow, but rather consider these principles:
      – Be aware of how much food it takes to satisfy you. Do not over eat.
      – If you are using this as the start of an elimination diet, slowly add foods back to your diet and keep track of how your body reacts.
      – Be sure to drink lots of water, as you will want to continue to flush toxins from your system.

  • Victoria

    Hi Krista,

    The link for the cleanse seems to not be working. Is there any way that you could email it to me at vzsecret@hotmail.com? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Victoria. Thank you SO much for bringing this to my attention. I have emailed you the handout and also posted it in the blog post. Thanks again 🙂