Don’t Get Caught with another UTI

Is it just me or does it seem like Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are affecting so many people these days?!

And this makes me sad. Cause it shouldn’t have to be that way!

What Causes UTIs?

UTIs are usually caused by the E. coli bacteria getting into the urinary tract.

This E.coli bacteria (which is normal to have in small amounts in your gut) is supposed to stay in your gut. When it escapes, UTIs can happen. Ouch.

Since bacteria can reproduce really quickly, it’s not that easy to just “flush” out. You need a plan to minimize the bacteria from multiplying (so don’t worry- I gotcha covered for that below!).

Sugar & UTIs

So what causes bad bacteria to survive & multiply?  


And I’m not only talking about candy-chewin’-sweet-treat
sugars. I’m also talkin’ grains (rapidly break down into sugars in the body)
and fruit (same deal).

As Uncle Jesse’s best bud Joey used to say in Full House “Cut it Out”. 

Any form of sugar in the body serves as fuel for the bad
bacteria to multiply. This mean your UTI and the all the symptoms that come with it stay around for longer. No fun.

Things to Avoid

When you cut out processed foods from your diet, you will
more than likely cut out the top things to avoid when dealing with an annoying

  • Sugar, refined grains & fruits (see above)
  • Chemical additives (puts stress on liver and immune system)
  • Hydrogenated oils and fried foods (promotes inflammation and
    decreases immunity)

So what should I eat

It’s tough to know what to eat to minimize recovery time. So here to help you is a 5 Day Diet Plan to rid yourself of that UTI!

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Notice the lack of anything that will turn to sugar quickly in your bod. The goal is to starve the bad bacteria of anything it can grab onto to thrive. And power them out by pumping your body with the good bacteria found in fermented veggies and yogurt.                                               

Will antibiotics help?

Antibiotics will most likely  “clear up” your UTI, but there is a fundamental issue with this approach:

You are not addressing the root of the issue.

If you often get UTIs, you are lacking in healthy gut bacteria. Work on cultivating a healthy inner environment through probiotic rich foods!

How can I prevent
them from coming back?

You’ve heard me say it before- build up that healthy gut
bacteria through things like fermented veggies, kombucha and kimchi!

Bye Bye UTIs

Armed with this info, you should be able to rid yourself of a UTI in a timely manner.  

When dealing with any illness, it is important to look at your body as a system instead of just treating the symptom.  

Working on increasing healthy gut bacteria, as glamorous as that sounds, is the key in getting your body working right to minimize (and most likely prevent all together) your UTIs. 

Check out this post by the amazing Heather at Mommypotamus for 10 Natural Remedies for UTIs.

See you in the kitchen, 

Krista B