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What to Eat Before & After Workouts

Q & A Thursday has officially begun!

Want to know what to eat pre & post workout? Check out the video below. 

#1 Takeaway: Use real food to fuel your body, pre & post workout! 

Beware of commercial sports bars and drinks- ALWAYS read the ingredients! 

Here are some links to some of my favourite make-at-home Sports Bars: 

For nourishing Sports drinks check out:  

Homemade Gatorade

Coconut Water Green Drink

For Sport Bars: 

Energy Chunks (I use cocoa powder, not carob powder, but the choice is yours!) 

Granola Bars

Happy Thursday and keep your questions coming for Q&A Thursday! 


Krista B



The Healthiest (and most delicious) Broccoli Salad

Before you look at this recipe, you need to know my nutrition philosophy that healthy fats (from dairy, meat, coconut oil, etc) are imperative to include in your diet.

You’re probably sitting there thinking “This girl is off her rocker!” but I’m telling you, you’ve been lied to about avoiding these things.

Your body needs (healthy) fat. The kind of fat we need to stay away from at all costs is transfat. These are the man-made fats that are bodies don’t recognize and are not able to breakdown. They are the ones that clog arteries and cause heart disease. They are found in processed food. Ie: stay clear of processed food!

Repeat this out loud:

So with that, I give you a nourishing broccoli salad from my former classmate Lydia from Divine Health from the Inside Out (go check out her website! She is my go-to-girl for so many recipes and so much more!) .

It’s loaded with sour cream and cheese (sorry my non-dairy eating friends :S).

Healthy Broccoli Salad1

Broccoli Salad

Healthy Broccoli Salad


  • 2 heads of broccoli
  • ½ red onion
  • ½ cup “real” cheddar cheese (when I say “real” i mean raw, full-fat cheese)
  • 8 pieces of bacon (from pasture-raised pig!)


  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
  • 2 cloves garlic


Cook bacon as desired let cool, crumble, add to large

Meanwhile, cut broccoli into small pieces; thinly slice onion &
place all in bowl.

Grate cheese and add to bowl, mix all.

In a separate bowl, mix the dressing ingredients.

Pour over Salad and Voilà! Enjoy 🙂

Recipe adapted from Dive Health From the Inside Out

Nutrition Down-Low

For more reading on how fats are an imperative/nourishing component of the diet, check out these links:

Kris Kresser: Know Your Fats

Concerned about cholesterol? Get the truth from Chris Masterjohn

Not convinced about full-fat dairy still? Check this site out

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and that you are nourishing your body with delicious (and healthy!) foods!

See you in the kitchen.


Easy Peasy Iced Tea

Warning: this recipe will not taste like the “Iced Tea” that you are used to (filled with crap your body isn’t designed to digest). This drink is an unsweetened, real food only, refreshing taste of summer!

And easy to make yourself. 

Only 2 ingredients (well 3 if you count water, but most of us are lucky enough to have that readily available at all times)!

Why should you make your own? 

Not to point fingers, but check out  the ingredients of a certain popular Iced Tea Brand that starts with a ‘B’ and ends with a ‘risk’: 

14 INGREDIENTS! Water, Sugar, Glucose Fructose (2 sugars right off the bat…), Citric Acid (preservative), Tea
Powder, Sodium Hexametaphosphate (thickener- also used in teeth whitening products), Flavour (shouldn’t flavour come from the actual food and not some chemical additive?), Phosphoric Acid (acidifies food- also used as rust remover), Sodium Benzoate (preservative- also used in fireworks to make that ‘whistle’ noise),
Potasium Sorbate (presevative- negatively effects immunity), Caramel Colour (seriously?), Calcium Disodium EDTA (binds to metals- so that your “food” doesn’t react to the can that it’s in), Dimethelpolysilicane (anti-caking agent- also used in caulking and tiles),
Potassium Benzoate (preservative- when mixed with Vit. C can produce benzene which is a known carcinogen), Colour (more fake colour?!).

Moral of the story: Make your own

Why fill your body with all these man-made chemicals? Not how you want to fuel yourself on these beautiful summer days…. 

Iced Tea

Click Here For Printer Friendly Version


  • 3 Bags of Tea of Choice (or 2 tbsp of loose-leaf
  • 1 lemon
  • Water


  • Boil ~1L of water
  • Pour over 3 teabags in a pot and allow to steep for ~15 minutes
  • Allow to cool (perhaps put it in the fridge)
  • Once cooled, place in a jug of some sort and fill the remaining space up
    with water
  • Cut lemon in half and squeeze into the cooled tea
  • Slice the other half of the lemon up and place in the jug to make it
    look pretty (and add more flavor of course!)
  • Add ice if desired
  • Sit back and enjoy!

See you in the Kitchen, 


It’s Patio Time- BBQ Chicken Recipe

There’s nothing better than fast, simple recipes that yield leftovers.
And that’s exactly what this BBQ Chicken recipe does!

This recipe calls for a pasture-fed chicken (check out your local
farmer’s markets and talk to the farmer’s about how the chicken was
raised- you want a bird that got to roam freely and wasn’t given any
antibiotics- because these icky things are then passed on to YOU). When
you get this kind of “happy bird”, the skin (a part that most people
pick off because they think it’s ‘fatty’ and ‘unhealthy’) becomes a healthy and nourishing food, filled with essential fatty acids that your body needs.

BEWARE OF LABELS: It is very easy for people to slap on words like
“free-range”, “cage-free” & “natural” to their products (especially
ones found in big grocery stores). Try to talk to the grocer to find out
how exactly how the chicken was raised. Although it might take more
effort, your best bet is finding a local farmer who you can talk to and
trust! It all goes back to fueling your body with traditional, real

BBQ Chicken

Click here for printer friendly version 



· 1 pasture-raised chicken

· 4 cloves garlic (crushed)

· Butter (for rubbing on skin)

· Fresh or dried Rosemary

· Fresh or dried Chives

· 1 medium lemon, quartered

· 3tbsp chicken stock or water

· Sea Salt & pepper


·  Ensure chicken and butter are at room temperature (if
not, just extend cooking time)

·  Place chicken in a roasting pan, breast down

·  Liberally apply butter all over the skin of the
chicken with your hand

·  Put garlic, rosemary, & chives in the cavity of the
bird. Sprinkle some salt and pepper in the cavity and all over the skin of the
bird. Push in the lemon quarter to create a sort of closing in the open cavity (see

***I am not a pro BBQer so you will have to figure
this out for your own personal BBQing device, as cooking times/temperatures
will vary! ***

· Pre-heat your BBQ to 410°F. Place roasting pan with chicken on BBQ and
let cook for 20 mins. After 20 mins, adjust temperature as needed. Add the 3
tbsp of stock or water to the tray (At this point we added 1 sliced sweet
potato to the bottom of the pan for a side dish and it turned out delicious!).
You will need to keep the chicken on for at least 40 mins. Make sure the
internal temperature at the thickest part of the chicken is 165°F. Let sit for
at least 15 mins before carving so that the juices don’t flow out.

See you in the kitchen (or in this case, your patio)!

Homemade Ice Cream in 3 minutes!

Last night I made ice cream for the first time. It was delicious. You really only need 1 ingredient to make it- a banana! Of course, you can add chocolate, peanut butter (see my post about PB), walnuts, coconut milk (homemade), vanilla, etc to create your own flavours… but all you need is a banana, freezer and food processor (or blender). Follow these simple steps:

This post is dedicated to my mother- who loooooooves banana ice cream!!! xo