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Kardashians & a Pre-Conception diet

I have
something to admit…. I love watching the Kardashians.

Last night
as I sat down to watch the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, I was so excited by the first segment-
Kim stated (something to this effect) “There must be something in the food we
eat as a society because so many people have fertility problems”. DING DING
DING!! You hit the nail on the head, Kim!!!

Eating a
pre-conception diet is such an important part of a) ensuring fertility and b)
having a healthy baby.

There’s so
much information out there on this subject and it can be a little overwhelming.
For example, did you know that some fertility superfoods include eggs (white
and yolk, preferably from pastured chickens), cod liver oil, butter (!), fish,
coconut oil and bone broth? There are a whole lot more, some more evident than
others, but as you can see, these foods that I’ve listed are totally
nutrient-dense. If it still feels overwhelming, don’t sweat it- I offer a
pre-conception program to get your bod in top shape for hosting a little bun in
the oven 😉

back to the Kardashians, on another episode this season, Kourtney, the eldest
sister who is currently breastfeeding, was shown drinking ghee (clarified
butter). So many fans responded to this with a lot of questions.  Kourtney tends to be the most “holistic”
sister of the Kardashian girls, and whoever she is getting her info from is on
the ball. The healthy fats in ghee are essential to breast-feeding mommas. You
don’t necessarily have to drink a cup every morning (as Kim joked she did in
the episode), but incorporating it in your everyday diet is a great step to
ensuring essential nutrients for both you and your baby.

OK, well
that’s it. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if any other “not so
mainstream” nutrition facts come up on this pretty mainstream show.