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Homemade Chocolate


Two of my favorite things in life come together for one joyous weekend every year: bunnies and chocolate.

Since my hubby doesn’t approve of me getting the cutest-of -cute furry animals, I have to indulge in the later- deliciously delicious homemade chocolate!

Usually I do not recommend “obscure” ingredients for recipes, but for all you chocoholics out there, it is necessary- Cacao Butter. It is full of antioxidants, magnesium, chromium and Vitamin C!

ou know how you often hear in the media that dark chocolate is good for you? Well this statement would be true if the primary ingredient of that dark chocolate came from a tree like this (next to it is a close up of the pod):

Cacao Butter is extracted from the beans that are inside this pod, and when bought in North America comes in these chunks of yellow-whiteness:

Cacao butter

Homemade Chocolate Recipe:

  • 1/2 cup cacao butter (where to buy)
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil (where to buy)
  • 1/2 cup of pure cacao powder (where to buy)
  • Tiny dash of stevia (for sweetness- like a literal pinch- you don’t need a lot)

rate the cacao butter (melts easier this way) and melt in a pan with the coconut oil at low-medium heat. Remove from heat and add coco powder and stevia (and any other random ingredient you wish to include*). Pour into whatever molds you mave have handy. THAT. IS. IT.

*Now, there are endless possibilities with what you can add into this chocolate. I decided to experiment and made 6 different rows of flavours):

  1. Coffee
  2. Cream
  3. Maca Powder (where to buy)
  4. Coconut
  5. Cayenne Pepper
  6. Sea Salt

hen, hubby and I did a taste test to see which additions we liked best.

Results of the taste test: He liked the coconut and I liked the Sea Salt.

And so, I made another batch of those two flavours only, which we will enjoy for the next week (and certainly won’t be tempted to buy any easter eggs- this chocolate is the real deal).

See you in the kitchen,

Krista B.