As a business owner, you genuinely care about your health and want to eat well…

But you just wish there was a way to do all this in a fast, easy & hassle-free way.

Hey, what’s up, hello. I’m Krista Butler, Nutritionista (technically a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, but that’s a mouthful).

I want to see you “Choose Healthy” everyday in mind, body and spirit…

… so that you can put the energy you gain from that back into your biz (and be the fun-loving, carpe-diem-seeking lady that I know you are…)

Here’s what you can do now to start feeling Healthy, Happy & Hot:

NumberCheck out my 10 favourite affirmations for entrepreneurs- they may surprise you! Click here to see them.
2Learn about my holistic approach to Life & Health here (note: it includes drinking beer)
3Check out my favourite healthy chocolate recipe here. Because, life’s too short!


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Healthy Living for Women Entrepreneurs