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You know all those inspirational quotes that you pin on Pinterest about living an amazing life, seizing the moment and dreaming big?

Well it’s time to turn those good-intentions into a reality.  

I help you do that through  Real Food Nutrition Services with a pinch of self-love & your inner-guidance.

When you fuel your body with Real Food*

(*veggies, fruits, pasture-raised meats, good quality dairy, properly prepared grains, superfoods, etc…)

you see positive ripple effects in all areas of your life…

dark-check-markYour clothes fit a little looser (skinny jeans for the win!)

dark-check-markYour skin is flawless (no fancy overnight creams necessary)

dark-check-markYou have an abundance of energy (to finally go and try that yoga class you’ve been meaning to check out)

dark-check-markAnnoying symptoms start to disappear (bye-bye bloating, dry skin, self-doubt and mood swings)

dark-check-markYou radiate joy form the inside out (that sounds like a Pinterest quote now doesn’t it?)…

Promise, it’s true! And all this can happen for you…

Think of your health & wellness as a map: You know where you currently are on the map. And deep down you know where you want to go

My job is to help create your personalized route to get you to that destination, using food, mindfulness, ease & connection (with yourself, your body and the universe)

No strict rules. Just Fun. And tapping in to your innate intelligence. Ready for the ride?

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Eat Your Way To A Life You Love